Could Fox Have Found Their New Fantastic Four?

Photo: AP Images
Photo: AP Images

Fox’s much talked about reboot to the Fantastic Four franchise is in the final stages of gaining its cast. The studio is said to be making deals with Millers Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell to star in the Marvel superheroes project, helmed by Chronicle director Josh Trank. Fox has been hard at work on the reboot, which was the first Marvel comics’ property coming out the 1960s golden age, to be produced. The Fantastic Four focuses on a scientist, his pilot best friend, his girlfriend, and her hot tempered brother, who all gain superpowers during a freak accident. The heroes: Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Girl, and The Thing, save the world from aliens, monsters, and multiple run-ins with the team’s on-time roommate now arch-nemesis Dr. Doom.

The film, which has been set to release June 19, 2015, has gone through multiple cast selections and script rewrites. Michael B. Jordan has been involved with the project since its early stages, with the studio offering him the part after his appearance in the found footage superhero hit Chronicle, which Trank also directed. Jordan is cast to play Johnny Storm/Human Torch, which shook up comic book enthusiasts, since the character is a young, blond haired white man. I for one find this casting to be unique and appropriate, seeing as how Jordan is one of the finer young actor’s currently in the business, skin color having nothing to do with skill. Jordan was an essential part of Chronicle, bringing comic relief and a commanding presence to the rounded characters of the film. His portrayal of Alex in NBC’s Parenthood added another fine dynamic to the already drama fuel and multifaceted show.

Mara, known for the her role on the Emmy Award winning House of Cards, scored the role of Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, after a round of screen tests. The role of Ben Grimm/The Thing, the goonish rock-man went to young head turner Jamie Bell. Studio execs came to a final agreement on Bell, after multiple failed candidates for the character.

What I feel to be the most surprising role announcement goes to Teller, who will be filling the shoes of Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, the teams lead, if the actor’s scheduling issues can be worked out. Teller has recently signed on to play John Belushi in the biopic of the comedian’s life, and is currently riding high off of the critically acclaimed Sundance hit Whiplash. Teller, who starred in the title role of last year’s indie smash The Spectacular Now, is an actor I consider to be along the same lines as Jordan. A young high caliber actor is just what the reboot is in need of, along with a great story. I recently finished The Spectacular Now novel by Tim Tharp and could not think of a better actor to portray the troubled, yet easily relatable Sutter Keely. Teller is an actor who owns whichever character is put into, not only performing with gusto and authenticity, but also giving a large piece of himself to the audience. I sure as hell hope Teller will join this already impressive cast and I am hopeful that the script will match the cast’s impressive skill set.

The reboot marks Fox studio’s second attempt at the Marvel comics’ characters. I think we all remember the first two features and how unfortunately disappointing they turned out to be. What do you think about the new casting? Is anyone hopeful or excited about the reboot? Let us know in the comments.