Catch Up With The Prison Survivors In The Walking Dead’s “Inmates”

In last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we saw what was happening with Rick, Carl and Michonne and now it’s time to discuss who and what we saw this week!

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The episode begins with the first group of survivors we see tonight, Daryl and Beth. They are trucking it through the forest and fields trying to get away from all of the walkers. While they are running and fighting zombies, Beth is doing a voiceover of what seems to be an entry that she’s written into a journal. It was an entry that she first wrote when they found the prison. It was a message of hope. Hope that they would be able to make a home at the prison for the rest of their lives. Clearly, that did not work out the way she had initially intended. During their travels, they run into a set of tracks in the mud that were made by a living person, just like the set that Michonne found last week. They continue to just walk, hoping to find someone, while protecting themselves and gathering bits of food for when they actually do find the others.

Another group of survivors that made it out of the inferno at the prison is Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika. Oh, and baby Judith! That’s right, baby Judith lives! While this little group is traveling, Tyreese hears some people screaming from afar and like a responsible adult does, he leaves the children in the middle of the woods while he goes to check it out. While he’s away, Judith starts crying and Mika yells at Lizzie to find a way to keep her quiet. Now, if you have been paying attention at all, you know that Lizzie is insane and definitely following in the footsteps of a serial killer. Earlier in the episode, there was a scene with her at the campfire where the camera showed a little group of baby bunnies then panned up to look at Lizzie. While her hands remained out of frame they were clearly doing something with a knife. I have a horrible feeling that it probably involved skinning those baby bunnies. The girl is insane. So knowing that, you must have known what was coming next. In order to try and keep Judith quiet, Lizzie decides to put her hand over her mouth which obviously begins to suffocate the baby thus inducing panic in Walking Dead viewers around the world.

Meanwhile, Tyreese is trying as hard as he can to save these other survivors but in the end, doesn’t end up saving any of them at all. Lucky for him, we saw the return of a character tonight. That’s right, it was the return of Carol! And it’s a damn good thing too because she was actually the one that recovered the girls from the forest, not only saving them from walkers but also saving psycho Lizzie from killing the baby. Tyreese hugs and tells Carol that he is glad she got out of the prison, which tells her immediately that he has no idea that she (allegedly) killed Karen and that Rick banished her from the camp. Carol obviously plays along and just tells Tyreese that she hadn’t made it back to the camp in time before the Governor started attacking it and was forced to travel alone.

At the word of one of the random survivors Tyreese tried to save, they head along the train tracks nearby to a community that he told them about. A community where it should be safe for the kids. I think we all know what happened last time there was a community claiming to be safe. Woodbury? Anyone? Everyone? Thought so.

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Moving through our survivors, we are shown another group consisting of Maggie, Sasha and Bob. To the best of Maggie’s knowledge, she believes that Glenn got out of the prison massacre alive on the bus and she tells Bob and Sasha that she’s going to find him. Sasha is very reluctant and doubts that they will even come close to finding him but in order to not split up from each other, Sasha and Bob have no choice but to go with her. Within no time at all, they stumble upon the bus from the prison and Maggie forces Sasha and Bob to let the zombies out one by one so she can see all of them to make sure Glenn isn’t one of them. Of course things never work out like they are supposed to and all of the zombies bust out of the bus which leads to a big ol’ zombie kill session! Maggie seems to be in a bit of an emotionally reckless stage which makes sense because she doesn’t know where her sister is, she witnessed first hand her dad having his head cut off by the Governor and her husband is missing in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. I’d be a little stressed too. By the time she makes it through all of the people that were on the bus, she is very happy to realize that Glenn wasn’t anywhere to be found which means that he still has the chance of being alive somewhere.

So, where exactly is Glenn? Did he just escape the bus while everyone else died there? Nope. Apparently, when Glenn was supposed to be on the bus fleeing, he actually got back off and went inside the prison. That’s right, he’s still there at the burning fortress. He has been passed out for quite some time, days perhaps.

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Once he wakes up, he heads inside and it seems like he’s about to give up on escaping at all. That is until he sees a picture of Maggie and is then determined to escape and find her. He grabs a riot suit and starts busting his way through zombies in the prison courtyard. On his way out, he finds the one survivor from the Governor’s final stand, Tara. He tells her that he needs her to go with him and help him find his wife. The two make it out of the prison and through the forest to a road where Tara tells Glenn that she’s sorry for what the Governor did and she had no idea what kind of man he was or that he would “cut off that old man’s head”. It is then that Glenn finds out that Hershel is dead. He doesn’t get mad at Tara but instead I believe he becomes even more driven to find Maggie because he knows that she must be distraught and heartbroken.

Before the two can make much progress, zombies attack and Glenn passes out from exhaustion leaving Tara to protect the both of them. After killing the last zombie, Tara looks up to come face-to-face with a massive truck in which three more survivors get out of. Roll credits!

That was tonight’s episode and I thought it was awesome! So far the show is back to a really strong start after their hiatus. I’m glad we got to see what everyone else is up to and I feel like they are all relatively close to one another in terms of location, it’s just a matter of finding one another. Another reason I was really excited was for the personal reason of predicting months ago that Lizzie was a psycho and we’re now seeing that. I think we can all agree that she was the one that murdered Karen and Carol had to cover for her? It can’t be more obvious than it is now.

Of course the best part of the episode, in my opinion, was the end when we saw Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. If you read the comics, you know what I’m talking about! I’ve been waiting for these characters for so long! Plus, they stuck to the comics closely by not only keeping Eugene’s mullet and Rosita’s crop top but managed to match their final pose in the episode to that of the cover of Issue #53 of The Walking Dead comics. Thank goodness!

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Next week’s episode is called “Claimed”, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think and we’ll see ya back here again next week!

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