Cap And Gown, Cuddles, And Contention Are All Clear In The New “Trio” Photos For Glee

Photo courtesy of Fox
Photo courtesy of Fox

We are t-minus seven days until Glee comes off its winter hiatus and new episodes start filling the television screens.

People are finally going to graduate! (That was the school year that never ended.) Funny Girl will draw closer to a premiere.

Then, naturally, the long awaited 100th episode event will bear down upon us all.

Also drama and music, so much drama and music.

So Gleeks, let us talk about “Trio” which will air after “Frenemies.” Several pictures of the episode have been released. While it doesn’t look as intense as “Frenemies,” it does look to be an emotional romp for the Lima side while the New York side is feeling the pressure of the Santana-Rachel feud.

Or, as I have been calling it, the sequel to the Troubletones. (God season three feels forever ago, doesn’t it?)

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The pictures for “Trio” definitely looks kosher to what the extended summary stated. Emma and Will are getting quite cozy. Tina is overly emotional. She, Blaine, and Sam are definitely locked in the school at night. Meanwhile, Rachel and Santana look like they are so ready to start slipping poison into the other’s drink. Wow. I feel really bad for Kurt.

Also is it me? Or does it look like that kiss that will make us all go “ewwww” (according to TVLine) will happen in this episode with Tina and Sam? The boy Blaine crushed on and the girl who rubbed Blaine’s naked chest with Vapo-Rub as he slept in one of the creepiest Glee scenes to date.

Well they definitely are two characters with “no shared romantic history.” I’m not sure if it’s “eww” more than confusing. Sam didn’t want to take Tina to the prom right? Oh God. This hurts me in my continuity place.

Fingers crossed the episode will be as solid as it appears. I’m liking how things are looking but sometimes it doesn’t quite align with Glee.

Bec Heim