Broadway, Boredom Benders and Big Interviews This Week For The Girls

Photo courtesy of HBO
Photo courtesy of HBO

After last week’s tension filled girls’ trip, things seem to be a bit sunnier. Adam lands a role on the Great White Way, Patti LuPone is flawless, and Hannah gets her first big girl paycheck. Unfortunately things aren’t as sunny for the rest of the crew.

Hannah sits at a restaurant alone waiting for Patti LuPone. She’s repping the latest bone density drug and it’s her job to get an interview. After canceling 5 minutes before she was supposed to show Hannah takes matters into her own hands and finds Miss LuPone, hard at work in a recording studio, and snags her interview. In the process Adam receives amazing news at his call back.

Adam has landed a role in the Broadway revival of George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara. Hannah couldn’t be more excited. That is until Patti LuPone rains on her parade. Apparently landing a role can turn you into a real asshole. Not to mention all the cast members and fans that will be throwing themselves at him. Hannah leaves a bit defeated until she receives her first paycheck.

Girlfriend can pay the bills and have some extra money to play! To top it all off she got a comped night at the Gramercy for her next piece! She decides to throw Adam a celebratory party there. While at the audition Adam meets a guy named Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) who lands a part as well. He decides to invite him along.

Meanwhile, while indulging in some fro-yo Marnie runs in to an old friend who is opening her own gallery. As much as it’s killing her inside she plays nice and may even land herself a job. However, she does need to lament and grabs a pizza and heads to Ray’s. She begins to complain about her day as she digs into a piece of pizza. Ray stops her and breaks things off. He’s looking for something more. A deep meaningful relationship. Marnie insists she doesn’t care, hence why she is eating pizza in front of him, but you can tell she is really hurt.

Jessa on the other hand is bored out of her mind. It seems that upscale baby boutiques are a dime a dozen. When she is finally out of things to do a familiar face shows up. It seems Jasper (Richard E Grant) has found his way out of rehab and sees right through Jessa’s new ‘healthy’ lifestyle. He urges her to go back to her wild ways.

Back at the Gramercy, Hannah has enlisted Elijah to help set up for the ‘party’. Shosh arrives and in true fashion is yapping a mile a minute. Adam arrives with his new friend and Elijah and Shosh are squeeing with joy! We come to find out that Desi had made an appearance on One Tree Hill (unfortunately Moss-Bachrach was never on the show but he did appear on Damages and Law & Order). The two are quickly smitten. Hannah, on the other hand, can’t stand any of his folky bullshit.

Marnie storms in and Hannah looks thrilled for the distraction. That is until she beelines to the bathroom. Hannah assumes she did something again and goes to check on her friend. Marnie explains that she can’t talk about it and just breaks down while Hannah holds her. It was nice to see that moment of unspoken friendship.

When they rejoin the group Desi has busted out the guitar and is serenading the group. Marnie joins in and they begin to duet. Even Elijah is captivated and starts to sing. Hannah looks like she’s going to gag. Jessa bursts in blitzed out of her mind. It seems Jasper got his way and he has brought her back to the dark side.

Jasper and Shosh partake in probably the world’s fastest conversation. She admits she’s not on coke her mouth just moves really fast. Out of coke Jessa and Jasper take off in the search for cash. Jessa knows a place and heads to the shop where she works. She takes a wad of cash and they get more drugs and a hotel. I guess they did take her out of rehab too soon.

It seems Desi really digs Marnie’s voice and asks her if she writes any of her own songs. It’s in this moment that we realize just how awkward she really is. She admits that she does and suggests that he e-mails her so she can share them with him via dropbox (what is this a business transaction). I don’t know what’s more embarrassing that line or her e-mail address… Really, Marnie? The only people with an AOL address are 50+.

The party ends and Hannah and Adam decide to take a bath together. It’s one of the most intimate and true moments I’ve seen between the two and I don’t know why but it just made me so happy. Hannah flat out asks him to not get too happy doing the show and forget all about their life together. He takes it as her not wanting him to do the show but she quickly reassures him she’s thrilled. He recites some of his lines and they embrace. Aww.