Biological Clocks, Friendship Divorces, And A Senior Lock-In Show A “Trio” Of Troubles For Glee

Photo courtesy of Glee Wikia
Photo courtesy of Glee Wikia

It certainly has been a very busy past few days in the Glee fandom hasn’t it? It seems like the spoiler fairies are waking up to the news that the show is going to be back soon and has given us gifts to sate the appetite.

Or something like that anyway.

Well today we’ve got an extended episode summary of episode 10 of season five “Trio” released by the FuckYeahTVShows Tumblr. We can’t find an original, valid source for this summary. It does, however, seem to match up with what spoilers we do know about the episode.

The summary is as follows:

With Emma hearing her biological clock ticking, she and Will are anxious to conceive a child. When their repeated attempts – some in the least appropriate of places – fail to yield results, the pair is at their wits’ end. When Will gets some surprisingly sound advice from an unexpected source, it serves him well both in the bedroom and in the classroom. With graduation approaching, Tina is worried about losing her McKinley family after they all go their separate ways. In order to make the time they all have left together more memorable, seniors Blaine, Sam and Tina decide they need to say goodbye to their alma mater in dramatic fashion by staging a Senior Lock-In. When Principal Sue abruptly cancels the event, the trio decides to take matters into their own hands, and get more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, in New York, following the fallout between Rachel and Santana, things go from bad to worse for the pair. As neither is willing to forgive the other, their circle of friends is sucked into the fray and forced to choose sides, resulting in Kurt taking drastic measures to try and secure a peace.

It certainly seems hurt feelings (and faces because damn Rachel slaps hard) between Santana and Rachel will carry over for the New York crew. Also it appears that Emma is about to make her exit from the show as Jayma Mays is a full time cast member of CBS’ The Millers. Although I do wish that the writers would make up their minds regarding Tina. He character has been a little crazy and kind of mean-spirited since the beginning of season four. Is she nice or is she not?

Well either way it sounds like “Trio” will be an intense episode all around.

Bec Heim