Beyonce’s Drunk In Love Was Made For Ice Dancing

Photo: Paul Chiasson, AP
Photo: Paul Chiasson, AP

I will admit I haven’t watched much of the Olympics this year, but thanks to the internet I don’t really have to. My favorites so far, the Shoshi Games. Click that link. You know you want to.

Not falling far behind is the American ice dancing duo Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They took home the bronze medal at the games in the team skate, if you’ve been watching.

A fan took Davis and White’s 2013 performance from the Hilton Honors Skate America and synced it up to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love,” which is gold medal worthy for sure! The song and performance come together so flawlessly it was like they were meant to be together.

Hopefully the pair will be inspired and work some Beyonce into their next routine. For now check out the video below and enjoy the magic for yourself!