Adam Lambert And Chris Colfer Talk Stripper Poles And Rock Music In “Frenemies” Sneak Peek

Adam Lambert and Chris Colfer Talk Stripper Poles and Rock Music in "Frenemies" Sneak Peek
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The wait for Glee to return has been long and mostly painful. Clearly, the “hiatus” is a concept derived by Satan himself. Thankfully, the angels from above have sent us a little something to tie us over until Glee’s return with “Frenemies” next Tuesday.

This Sneak Peek at the upcoming episode gives us Chris Colfer, Adam Lambert, general adorableness, and a stripper pole. We know. Dream come true right?

The short but perfect video teases the exciting events of the episode that will see a few couples go head to head. Specifically, Chris Colfer teases Kurt’s leader-complex, as he hints that Kurt will start to feel threatened by Elliot. Thanks to a suggestion made by Blaine, Chris promises we can expect to see Kurt keep his “enemies close.” Get closer to someone who looks and sings likes Starchild? Blaine, you are using too much hair gel.

A stripper pole, a Kelliot duet, and a The Darkness song [coughIBelieveInAThingCalledLove]? This episode needs to have aired yesterday.


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