6 Reasons Why Usher Is The Best Coach On The Voice

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, for fans, is the premiere of the sixth season of the U.S. edition of The Voice. The show were famous coaches build a team of singers based only on their voice has been a solid ratings getter for NBC since 2011. The show, while not having produced a megastar like Idol, has produced solid fanbases for musician and allowed them to make industry contacts.

Now I can talk about my favorite past contestants such as Michelle Chamuel, Amanda Brown, and Juliet Simms until my face goes blue. Maybe I will at a later post, but new season is happening so I don’t want to reminisce on the past.

Instead, I want to talk about my favorite coach. Who is, if you can read, Usher.

I’ll be honest, if you asked me before season four who my favorite coach was I probably would have went with either Adam Levine or Blake Shelton.

Then season four happened. If you asked me which new coach I was most excited about…

I would have said Shakira.

Yeah, sorry Usher, I wasn’t really that big of a fan. It wasn’t you. I’m just not a big R&B person. Also as someone who is not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber, I was a little reluctant to trust you.

I did, however, quickly change my mind because dammit he’s just so damn cute and charming and caring. So in celebration of Usher making his Voice return today, let’s count down the six reasons why Usher is the best coach on The Voice.

6) Shallow Reason: He’s Really Attractive

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Black Star
Photo courtesy of Atlanta Black Star

If, on the so-very-slim margin, Usher ever reads this. I apologize for objectifying you.

Still the time the show lost air-conditioning during it’s Top 12 performances in season four was my favorite night by far for totally shallow reasons. Usher is a very attractive man. I, as a pansexual female, notice this and responded accordingly.

By responded accordingly, I mean my friend and I freaked out about his arms over Twitter and felt bad for his singer, Vedo, who had to perform in all leather ensemble. Anyway, yes, Usher is very, very handsome and has very, very nice arms.

5) Usher Picks The BEST Mentors

Photo courtesy of NBC
Photo courtesy of NBC

Resume alone should speak here. For his first season, Usher picked Pharrell Williams. Before his INSANELY successful 2013, Pharrell was known in the industry as a top producer, singer-songwriter, rapper, and fashion designer. He was also one-half of the record producing team The Neptunes (Chad Hugo was the other member). After making his Voice appearance, Pharrell was a part of two of 2013’s biggest hits: “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky.” This is not even touching his song “Happy” from Despicable Me 2, which has a 24-hour music video and has been nominated for an Academy Award. Currently, he plans to release his second album, G I R L. With a resume like that, along with sage advice, Pharrell became one of the best mentors on the show.

Photo courtesy of Extra
Photo courtesy of Extra

Jill Scott will be Team Usher’s mentor for season six. JILL SCOTT! Like I said, I am not an R&B fan but even I know who she is. Jill Scott has one of the best vocals in the genre. She is known for her thought provoking songs. She also has multiple Grammys to her name. In addition to song craft, she also has an acting career staring in the too-short run of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. So she is bringing decades of experience and talent to Team Usher.

Usher knows how to pick some of the best people in the industry to help lead his team. They also actually make sense in the grand scheme as well. Yes I am looking at the most WTF pairing of all time: Blake Shelton and Cher. Do I need to bring up how weird that was?

Because it was really, really weird.

4) His Relationship With The Other Coaches

Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr
Photo courtesy of NBC The Voice Tumblr

Everyone who watches the show will tell you: watching the coaches interact with each other makes for some awesome television. It’s fun watching them tease each other. Then you really believe that they are friends outside the show.

So the reason I put this as a great quality of Usher is what he did last season for Blake Shelton. After tornados had ravaged his home state of Oklahoma, Blake put together a benefit concert to help raise money for the relief effort. His new buddy Usher, and what remained of his team, came along to help. Usher and Blake ended up performing a duet, which was released and all the proceeds from it went to the charity relief.

I just thought that it was so sweet for him to do that for a friend. I also own the song. It’s still available on iTunes for download. Usher and Blake have surprisingly good vocal chemistry together.

Plus it’s just really fun watching him tease the other coaches, and get teased, it’s all in good fun.

3) He Has A Method To His Madness

Gif courtesy of Tumblr

Usher’s training techniques are stuff I have never really seen before. He’s very eccentric, but it produces results.

During season four, Usher asked a lot of questions, made people work-out, and, in one memorable moment, had Michelle Chamuel sing into a mirror “True Colors.” The questions made his team think about the songs which, in turn, allowed for them to have a better grasp on the material and made for a richer performance. The working out was to build team unity and to get used to singing while, and after, doing a lot of activity. In the Battle Rounds, he would try to get pairings to make entice him to move closer, showing the need not for a powerful voice but for also an emotional connection to the material and passion in what they are singing.

The method to Usher’s madness connects to singing but also performance, which is a skill that is also needed on some level for the show.

2) He’s So Totally Adorkable 

Gif courtesy of Tumblr

Usher is one of the coolest men on the planet. He oozes suave and debonair. The man is like ice.

He is also, as I have learned, one of the most adorkable men on the planet. He’s funny and so easily excited and just…I just can’t take it.

He’s really funny and silly and sweet. It’s refreshing to see someone embrace that side of himself so publicly. Yeah he tried to keep it cool the first couple of episodes, but then he gave in.

So now we get endlessly amusing things. Such as this:

Gif courtesy of Usher Wordz Tumblr

And this:

Gif courtesy of Tumblr
Gif courtesy of Tumblr

You attack that lettuce, Usher.

1) The Way He Is With His Team

Gif courtesy of Tumblr
Gif courtesy of Tumblr

Usher’s relationship with his team is one of favorite things about him. I believe all the coaches when they say that they keep in touch with past contestants and help them out. They form bonds with them.

Somehow, Usher’s bond with his team: a mix of friend, mentor, and big brother speaks to me as a fan of the show. I don’t know what it is, but it works. Usher wears his fondness for them openly and challenges them to become better. In turn, he ends up learning something from them. It’s sweet and heart-warming.

It works. I don’t know why or how but it works. Usher made up one of my favorite coach-contestant relationships with him and Michelle Chamuel. I just loved watching him interact with his team.

So these are the reasons why Usher is the best coach on the show. Team Usher, baby!

Bec Heim