4YE Reviews Katy Perry’s Dark Horse Music Video

Photo courtesy of Katy Perry/Capitol
Photo courtesy of Katy Perry/Capitol


Katy Perry released the video for her latest single Dark Horse, and it is in true Katy Perry fashion. The girl loves bright colors and this video is no different. It’s basically a neon-Egyptian rager. Here are some things I noted about the songtress’ latest visual effort.

Is she upset these men are trying to buy her love? Because she’s turning them into material objects that she can covet…

Also that diamond the first guy offered you was wayyyy nicer than the grill you made out of him.

Was she paying homage to herself with the twinkie pyramid?

More importantly why turn these guys into dogs and not something more beneficial?

The spot is enjoyable and I have nothing but love for Katy Perry. I just wish she went a darker route a la her AMA performance. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!