Quick List Time: 21 Reasons Why Zack Morris Is Actually Your Dream Boyfriend

21 Reasons Why Zack Morris Is Actually Your Dream Boyfriend
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Zack Morris was the trouble maker of the 90’s. He hated school, loved girls, and was always getting himself into trouble with his schemes. Yet, the blond haired, blue eyed player stole our hearts.

We rooted for him in every one of his quests to land a girl, just because we wanted him to be happy – even though were were secretly jealous of every single one of them. Of course we realize Zack did a lot of bad things in his times at Bayside, and even his time in college. He did after all pretend Slater was dying of a tropical illness, tried to brainwash his future wife Kelly Kapowski and constantly tried to pull one over on Mr. Belding.

Yet the fact remains, Zack Morris had a heart of gold. He always owned up to things at the end of the episode, or at least learnt his lesson. Never did one of his schemes go unpunished. Zack was goodhearted and almost always a good friend. Remember that time he dressed up as a girl for Screech?

Zack Morris is our ideal boyfriend because of his heart of gold, sense of humour, his drive, his impeccable style, and of course that smile.


1) He’s ambitious

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2) He’s a romantic

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3) He makes the best facial expressions

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4) That wink though…

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5) That cell

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6) He’s adorably goofy

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7) Because he rocks this look. Like… really rocks it. Gives us Adam Lambert feelings.

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8) That face

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9) He’s easy going

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10) He has drive

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11) He doesn’t beat around the bush

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 12) He’s a musician

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13) He has serious swag 

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14) He’s sweet

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 15) He’s creative

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16) His hair is always perfect

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17) He won’t let you be down on yourself 

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18) He’s a good business man 

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19) He loves animals 

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20) He’s patient and attentive 

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21) He’s a team player

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