20 Books To Read If You Loved John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”

Picture Courtesy of Goodreads
Picture Courtesy of Goodreads

When you finish a really great book, it’s hard to not feel like another book will never be as good.  That’s how many feel when they first finish John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. The question of “what next” picks and prods as you walk through libraries, book stores, and your friends book collections. What’s the point of looking at another book if it’s just not going to give you the same sense of satisfaction as TFIOS?

TFIOS has become the book of our time; it’s story of love, loss, travel, hope and a relationship for the ages sticks with those who has read it, and attracts even non-readers. After reading TFIOS the only thing to do is read the rest of John Green’s books – except there’s only around five. It’s come to the point where most of us have read all ten books that are placed on every “Books to read if you like John Green” lists. I’m looking at you Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is why we bring you an extensive list of books that lovers of TFIOS and John Green can turn to to fill that void.

These books on the list are all drastically different from one another, but they all offer something that you have been missing since you finished The Fault in Our Stars. These books are interesting reads written with an uncanny insight on how the teenage mind works. Dive into these stories of love, relationships, adventures, hope that feature unique, spunky protagonists, and you can be sure to dive back into the world of reading. Still, no promises they are exactly like The Fault in Our Stars, but their protagonists are as quirky as Hazel Grace, boast love interests as charming and rough around the edges like Augustus Waters, the stories are heart wrenching yet beautiful and they will take you on an adventure much like the pairs trip to Amsterdam. So make a coffee (or tea), grab a blanket, and immerse yourself in the world of a new book. 

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Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues