18 Times The Dowager Countess Out-Sassed Them All On Downton Abbey

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Violet Crawley, the one and only Dowager Countess of Grantham, may be the single most sassiest women on television right now. Following close behind her, is Santana Lopez (Glee) and Vice President Selina Meyer (Veep).

The Dowager Countess is stubborn, set in her ways, and is all around better than you. That’s right, she just naturally trumps everybody. She never fails to say what’s on her mind, and spares no feelings. Now, there’s something to admire. No one really says how they feel anymore, but The Dowager has no problem dishing it out. To her, there is no such thing as sparing feelings. This is good in a time when, especially on television, no one gets tough love. Characters moan and groan when they should just suck it up and move forward.

The Dowager is always the first to put her granddaughter, Mary Crawley, in her place when she is being hard headed, and never fails to encourage Edith to have a backbone. She may seem miserably stern and outdated, but we can all learn a bit from her fearlessness, fierceness, and of course, her epic sass.

1) When Lord Grantham whined to her


2) When she was challenged by Lady Mary for being contrary 

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 3) When Branson suggested logic amongst the English 

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 4) When she did her epic eye roll


5) Just this line in general. Wonder who ticked her off this time…

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6) When it was suggested she may not be right

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7) When she just didn’t have time for anyone’s “stuff”

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8) When she remembered assassination was wrong 

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9) When she almost skipped tea time

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10) When she couldn’t wrap her head around the prospect of two days off

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11) Say what?

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12) When she knew everything (because she always does)

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13) When she realized there was nothing she had not seen

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14) When she rang her bell all sassy-like

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15) When she used a phone for the first time

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16) When she finally said something after Edith endlessly complained she was bored 

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17) When it was proposed she was ridiculous

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18) Because Lord Grantham was acting like a child

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