Quick List: 15 Life Lessons Revenge’s Nolan Ross Taught Us

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It may seem odd to say ABC’s Revenge, about a girl revenging her father’s death, has taught us some valuable life lessons. After all, it is a show about fake deaths, take downs. schemes, and more. It has definitely taught us not to mess with the show’s leading player, Emily Thorne. Nevertheless, when you get past the murders, the deaths, and the manipulations on Revenge, you will realize that the show does actually preach some valuable life lessons other than how to kill someone with their own murder weapon (cough Aiden cough).

We often learn these lessons from our favourite sidekick/best friend Nolan Ross. The wealthy tech wiz often steals the show thanks to his hilarity, his antics, and the fact that he always keeps it real. In all honesty, we all have a lot to learn from Nolan. He is an amazing friend, a computer genius, always has the best gadgets, and well… that wardrobe.

Each and every episode we look forward to sassy one liners from Mr. Nolan Ross. He always brings reason and logic into play (with attitude), and quite frankly, he is always five steps ahead everyone else. What would Revenge be without Nolan keeping tabs on his badass best friend Emily Thorne who sometimes (but only sometimes) finds herself in sticky situations? We could all use a Nolan Ross in our lives. Especially Emily Thorne.

1) The Bro Code is a little more complex than we thought 

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2) The Internet can actually be bad. (In other words, get a designated tweeter if drinking).

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3) Sometimes people look like wet dogs when in water. Some look they should be on Baywatch. It’s a fact of life to accept. 

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4) When the pad is rockin’ don’t come knockin’

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Gif Courtesy of http://bravonolanross.tumblr.com

5) When life unlawfully lands you in prison, put your face on a t-shirt 

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6) Life is complicated sometimes

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 7) Don’t date people who can’t think for themselves 

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8) There’s no such thing as too many popped collars

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9) Don’t get blood on clean carpet

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10) Be modest

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11) Hydrotherapy is a thing. Lesson noted. 

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12) Murder is stressful

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13) Caring for people makes you stronger

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14) Honesty is the best policy…even when you’re avenging your father’s death

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15) Blueberry muffins are a solution for every problem… but we knew that. 

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Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues