Five Pentatonix Medleys That Absolutely Rock

Photo: Billboard
Photo: Billboard

The best-known winners of The Sing Off (won in season three), Pentatonix has become an acapella force to reckoned especially in this last year. The five person group has released their second album, performed on season four of The Sing Off, did a cover of “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin'” from Teen Beach Movie, made several viral medleys, and guested on Sesame Street.

They’re a force to be reckoned with. More importantly, they’re just amazingly talented and deserve all the love and kudos in the world for it.

So here are five amazing Pentatonix medleys that totally rock for an introduction to their amazingness.

5) *N SYNC Medley

Now. Who doesn’t love a good boy band cover? Oh. This is like listening to the greatest hits of my childhood. A good medley has songs that flow into each other smoothly. This has a couple of little bumps. Still, the subject matter (*N SYNC) and the nostalgia factor work in the favor of the medley.

4) Evolution of Beyonce

All hail Queen Bey! This medley shows the progression of Beyonce’s career from her Destiny’s Child days to the Mrs. Carter years. This was made before Beyonce surprised the world with her self tilted album, so don’t expect seeing “Drunk in Love” or “Pretty Hurts” in the medley. Still it’s a fascinating examination of the reigning Queen of Pop’s career and how she has, for lack of the better word, evolved as an artist over the years. The transitions are smooth. Gah. It makes me wish this was available for purchase.

3) Evolution of Music 

HEY MUSIC TEACHERS! You wanna show your students a quick yet interesting example of how music has evolved over the years? Then this Pentatonix medley has educational value with the bonus of sounding amazing. This starts with the monk chants and goes all the way to 2010 showing the progression of music and, in turn, culture. It makes it beautiful and spanning.

2) Daft Punk

This cover you can get on their second album: PTX Vol. 2. The cool music video aside (and it is cool where everyone looks vaguely robotic and has those bright blue contact lenses). There is a lot of great weaving of the Daft Punk discography together. They don’t flow into each other, rather the songs twist together. They fit like a jigsaw puzzle and build. It’s engineered, which given the band is made of robots fits.

1) The Wizard of Ahhh’s (with Todrick Hall)

This is one of the best medleys and most ambitious things I have seen. An acapella version of The Wizard of Oz told in a modern song medley. (They use the iconic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and that’s it.) Pentatonix is joined by YouTuber, Todrick Hall. For most of the video, however, it’s just them. They play all the parts (outside of The Wizard) and give each character their own distinct personality. Not only that, but even if you had a passing familiarity with the story you can tell exactly what is going where in the plot based solely on song choice. It’s a medley with a story to tell, which makes it the best kind of medley. It’s also going to be in your head forever. (It’s also available on iTunes for purchase.)

That’s it! Let’s give it for the lovely gentleman and lady of Pentatonix. They’re amazing and talented group that is taking acapella to new heights.

Their first two albums are available for purchase on iTunes. You can also check out their YouTube page for more songs.

Bec Heim