Russian Winter Olympics Musical Parody “Mother Russia” Is Catchy, Witty, and Poignant

We have finally found a video that expresses our thoughts and feelings about Russia’s stance on homosexuality, and it is in the form of song! The musical parody dubbed “Mother Russia” responds to the countries cruel stance in a catchy, hysterical and poignant way.

Directed by Daniel Jourdan and with music by Adam Cohen and Michael Sousa, the video brings to light the issues we are facing nearing the Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi. According to The Atlantic, Russian president Vladimir Putin did  declare that homosexuals partaking in  the Olympics should “feel at ease so long as they leave the children in peace.”

What does that even mean?

The Atlantic brings to light that this years Olympics may shed some light on a day and age where equal rights may progress in some places, but regress in others. Looks like we have a long way to go. Luckily videos like these exist in the world where under the guise of humour and “butt sex” jokes, meaningful messages are being sent about equal rights, or the lack there of.

Winter really is coming, and hopefully that means better things for the Olympics and Sochi than it did for Ned Stark.

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues